Our Staycation in the Woodlands

This past weekend our fam had the awesome opportunity to have a staycation at The Woodlands Resort and Conference Center with the Tanner family. Although we live in Houston we are still a good ways from the Woodlands and really only make it out that way every so often.

With the resort being a little over an hour away from our home it was the perfect getaway for Father’s Day Weekend. We left Saturday afternoon, the girls napped in the car, it was a quick drive and when we got there we checked in and settled into our rooms. We were immediately impressed with the staff at the resort, they were all so friendly and anticipated our needs before we did. The kids were most excited that they actually got their OWN room that adjoined to ours. They just thought that was the coolest thing ever!

Once we were situated Michelle and I headed off the to spa for a wait for it……ONE HOUR MASSAGE! Yep, you read that correctly, we had a whole hour to relax and get pampered. It was AMAZING! My masseuse was amazing and it was literally the best massage I have ever had. I mean I have only had a handful but this one was by far the best!

Spa 2

After our glorious time away we headed back to find our families at the Forest Oasis Waterscape at the resort. Although it was Father’s Day weekend our husbands were such troopers and let us go get pampered while they chased a total of 6 kids through a splash pad and kiddie pool. Talk about keepers!

I cannot even tell you how much fun the kids had. The Forest Oasis Waterscape was absolutely perfect for our family. Having an 8-year-old and 2 toddlers it is sometimes hard to find a place that will entertain all ages but not here. They had a giant pool with volleyball, basketball and even a giant slide then to the side of the large pool was a splash pad and 1ft kiddie pool that was perfect for our toddlers. Our kids had a blast!


Ellie and Mommy




We spent another hour or so at the pool we headed on in to get ready for dinner at the main dining hall at the resort. On Saturday nights the resort offers a family style buffet that was a perfect set up for our families. They offered a fajita and nacho bar, sliders, a salad bar, a beautiful desert table and much more. Although we came in with a large group full of kids the staff was absolutely wonderful and made sure we were well taken care of.

After dinner we headed back outside to the Forest Oasis area to enjoy some of the evening activities they had planned. Another amazing thing about the resort is all of the fun and creative water free activities they have planned throughout the weekend. The activity we looked forward to the most was making s’mores and this little one sure did love hers!


We had hoped to stay for the dive in moving that evening but with pooped out kids and parents we figured it was time to head in for a great nights sleep. Once we got back to our room we were excited to find a giant cookie cake, milk for the kids and even a little something for the adults waiting for us. This resort really does think of everything, what a treat!

The next morning, Father’s Day, we were up bright and early (hello, we have toddlers) and headed to breakfast. We enjoyed a great time together celebrating the dad’s and how wonderful they are. After breakfast we spent a few more hours pool side before packing up and heading back to reality.

If you live in the Houston area or are even just passing through I highly recommend visiting The Woodlands Resort. Our families had the most amazing time and I promise you we will be back. We may even have to go back a few more times. One thing is for sure we will be going back on an adults only trip where we can enjoy a little more relaxing adult style because we were worn out!

pooped moms

 But seriously it really was the perfect family weekend and we could not be more grateful for our time away!

*Disclaimer: I did not receive compensation for this post but my family was hosted by The Woodlands Resort for the weekend. All thoughts and opinions in this post are my own.

This Guy!

Today, is this guys birthday and so a giant big shout out is in order!


This guy….

I realized on his 31st birthday just a few years ago that I could spend the rest of my life with him. You know the moment you look at that special person of yours and realize, yep I would like this to happen forever. He did not know these thoughts existed (and no I did not tell him, we had only been dating a couple months) but man am I glad I now call him my husband.

His heart is enormous, he is kind and gentle, he works endlessly hard, he strives to always be better, he is silly and fun, and he loves whole heartedly.

Our lives would not be complete without this guy!

Loving him is the best and we thank God for him daily.

Love you babe, Happy Birthday!



Big Annoucement Time!

I know I am a stranger around these parts lately but I am dusting off the cobwebs to share some big, amazing, exciting news with you!

So here it is…..

Moms Without Answers is hosting our first HOUSTON MOMS NIGHT OUT EVENT with our friends and co-hosts Meg and Taylor!

And….. We want to see YOU there! Check out the deets below!


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It’s here!

Today is the day, Moms Without Answers has officially launched!

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What’s Moms Without Answers you ask?

Go check it out!

I am so excited to be working on this project with my friend Michelle and I just can’t believe the day is finally here.

This little blog of ours would not be possible without our friends named Meg!

Thank you Meg O and Meg Cady for everything you did to make our little blog dream come true!

So, please make it a regular read and show us some love!

We have some fun things in store for this new space of ours!



Kitchen Canister Makeover

Have you ever been on the search for something in your home but no matter how many places you look you just can’t find it? Well, this happens to me all the time. Once I get an idea in my head of how something is supposed to look I get stuck on it. Like everyone else I have jumped on the cute kitchen canister craze and have been searching for a set that I just love. My house is very vintage, hodgepodge, shabby chic and I love the look of older canister sets but I couldn’t find just the right ones. Until my mom offered me these!

Canisters 1

 Just look at them and all the potential they have! This set was a gift to my parents at their wedding and have been unused for several years. So of course I swiped these babies up and got to painting and Voila a revamp!

Canisters 2


Ceramic Canisters that you LOVE! Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint- I used FolkArt and Martha Stewart. You can find both at Hobby Lobby. 1 Sponge Brush 1 Paint Brush Preheated over to 350 degrees.


First, set your canisters up and decide what color palette you will use. I ended up not using all of the pieces to my set and just went with 4. I painted 3 white and 1 blue. Next, paint! It is very simple and pretty fool proof. Once you have your pieces painted you MUST let them dry for at least 1 hour. Do not get anxious. Set them aside, go run an errand, take a nap do whatever but leave them alone! After they are fully dry place them in your preheated oven for 30 minutes. This will allow the paint to fully set AND is allows your canisters to now be dishwasher safe. Now, pull them out and see your handy work! I ended up doing 2 and on a couple 3 coats of paint. If your canisters need extra coats be sure to let them dry for an hour and then place them in the oven for 30 minutes between each coat. I just love my canisters and love what they bring to my kitchen. I love even more that they were my parents! The only change I might make is purchasing this cute little thing to add to the mix!


But until I can afford it I will love these!


Before and After 2


Girls Room Reveal:: Everly and Elle

I am so excited to finally share a room in my home with you all today. We have lived in our house a little over 3 years and I have just recently completed an entire room. I know, sad.

So here is the story, when we moved in we made the decision to let each girl have their own room. We had 4 rooms and 3 children sounded perfect!
We also decided to put our play room in the front of our house (not so smart decision). We quickly realized this arrangement was NOT working for us and changes needed to be made.

The way our house is set up is that we have 1 main hallway that all rooms lead off of so the decision was made to put our little girls in a room together and put the play room at the end of the hallway.

This my friends was the BEST decision EVER! The girls love being together, the playroom is at the end of the hall and soon I will have a craft room. I know exciting! And best of all, I cannot wait to share each of these rooms with you!

So, without further adieu the girls room!

Post 2

Pink walls and gold polka dot’s. Is there anything more girlie? As you can see, we still have Elle in a crib so figuring out the placement of beds was tricky but I love how they turned out.

Post 3

Here is a closer look of Ev’s side of the room. What I love most about their room is all of pieces I have been able to collect to put it together. Ev’s bed is an old hospital bed that was given to my dad from my great-grandmother’s home and her night stand was my great-aunts. And, can I point out the DREAM to you? That was one of the simplest projects EVER and it is now my most favorite thing in their room!

Post 6

And Elle’s side. I just love her mobile I found from Etsy. She loves it too!

Post 5

A curtain close up! This is just a simple rag bunting I will do a tutorial on later.

Post 7

Their dresser was also from my great grandmother and then my grandfather refurbished and painted it for the girls. And, I cannot get enough of their little rocker my mother in law found for them.

Post 8

And a close up of more of their sweet girlie things.

So, there it is our sweet little girls room! I hope these 2 enjoy every bit of this time together!

The deets:

1.) Crib is Jenny Lind.

2.) Ev’s bed is from my great grandmother.

3.) Ev’s Bedding from the Shabby Chic Collection at Target.

4.) Paint: Kissed Awake from the Home Depot Disney Collection.

5.) Gold Polka Dots

6.) Rocking Chair is Thrifted.

7.)Mobile is from Etsy similar to this one.

8.) Curtains: Pink curtains are from Target and I made the valance.

9.) Dream Banner: I made it but a tutorial will be here soon!

10.) Pink shelf: from Home Goods.










Paint. Burlap. Eggs. Bunting.

If you know me at all you know that I LOVE burlap! Like love it to the ends of the earth love it.

I love it to the point that I have to sit down, take a good like at my house and de-burlap. I actually may need to seek help for this addiction.

So, with Easter right around the corner and 3 yards of burlap begging to be used. I figured it was time for some new décor.

If you are anything like me and have zero to no sewing abilities this one is for you.

Not only is this little project easy enough for you to do but you can get the kiddos involved too!

Blog Post7

So here is what you need:

1/2 yard of burlap in any color

craft paint

1 Metallic Sharpie in any color or 1 Paint Pen

1 Egg Template- I used this one here.

jute twine- I got mine from the Target dollar spot. Shout out to Target!


Now let’s get bunting!

First, choose what shape you would like your bunting to be. I did the classic triangle. Make sure that you measure your space where your bunting will go to ensure you have enough pieces. Once this part is complete cut out your egg template and trace it onto each bunting piece. I used my sharpie to trace the eggs (not to worry it will not show once you start painting).

Blog Post 2

Next, simply use your craft paint and fill in those eggs!

Blog Post 3

After you have all of your eggs complete and dry it is time for the fun part! Go grab your kiddos and let them help decorate your eggs. Get creative on this part. Not all eggs have to look the same. Draw your design on your egg let it dry for a second and then go over it again. Remember you are using a very natural fabric so a few coats may be needed.

Blog Post 5

Once you have all of your bunting pieces ready to go punch holes in the top corners of each piece. Make sure to go at least 1/4 inch in on each side so your burlap does not split. Now, string your pieces onto your jute string and you are ready to go!

Blog Post 6

Happy Easter!


Big News, Big EXCITING News!

It’s here!

The time has come, the moment you have ALL been waiting for!

 More like the moment that me and of course my side kick Michelle have been waiting for!

I am just so excited I can’t even stand it.

I am the kind of excited where you can’t sleep but when you do it consumes your every dream excited!

Ok, ok I will get on with it!

It’s the time when we FINALLY get to share with you our newest venture….


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Well, we get to share some of it with you. I know a tease, who likes one of those?

So here is the scoop:

Our official launch date is… (drum roll please)

March 31st!!

Just a little less than 2 weeks away! We just can’t wait.

But, in the mean time we want to start getting to know you.

We can get to know you, you can get to know us. It will be a wonderful time!

So….. come follow us!

We will be everywhere and we can’t wait for you to stop by.

We will be on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and of course Twitter!

You never know we may just have some pretty fun giveaways up our sleeve!

View More: http://megcady.pass.us/mwoa

So, come share some love and start to see what we are all about.

2 friends. 2 moms. 2 many kids. 2 legit to quit.


The End of the Beginning


And just like that I look over and she is no longer a baby. This moment that I have dreaded is here. The moment where I look up and wonder where the time has gone. The cooing is gone and words are starting to become clear. She has a personality of her own. She is funny and quirky and already loves whole heartedly. In our chaos I try to take it all in. I examine every expression she makes praying I can permanently hold on to them. I want to stop the time that is so quickly passing by and just savor every last bit of who she is in this moment.

She is my baby.

She is my last baby.

She is our last baby.

There are many reasons why we came to this decision and we are confident that God is telling us our family is complete.  But, although I am confident in this decision deep down there is a nagging and dull pain. It is reminding me that this very moment in time and phase in my life is coming to an end.

The last first step.

The last first tooth.

The last first word.

The moment she realizes she can do something on her own.

The moment she realizes she is not a baby and is now a toddler.

All of these moments have come and gone and this is only the beginning for her. The world is hers to take on and tackle. She has already proven herself to be head strong, determined, beautiful, loving and just like her daddy. She is going to do great things. She was created for a beautiful purpose. She is a miracle.

But for now, my mama heart yearns for her to slow down and just be my baby.



Today I want to talk about things that make you go hmmmm…..

Stuff like this….

Asian Girl

But not because I would actually like to find these in children sizes. If you know were to get them I am looking for 3 in pink.

I am talking about things that genuinely no matter how many times you encounter them make you ask why.

So I present to you, things that make me go hmmmm….

#1: Baby Bananas

baby bananas

I came across these little, I guess we can call them, cuties at the store the other day. The girls were thrilled of course because all kids are enthralled with anything considered mini. We talked about them the WHOLE way home and they were being oh so obedient so they could have one as soon as we walked in the door.
So, I unloaded groceries and placed these lovely baby bananas next to the average sized bananas and walked away. But, as time went on these things started to creep me out.
I mean, just take a good look at them they are little banana stubs. They stare at me all day long on their little banana perch being all tiny and stubby and creep me out.
Why are they even in existence? Why?

#2. Signs like this….

HMB Girls Day

I get it, people are dumb, real dumb but really????? I have to think to myself what actually happened that lots and lots of paper towels were shoved and piled into this toilet.
The longer I think about it I see some angry grandma just mad at life saying screw this and happily dropping each towel in one at a time.
None the less, this stared at me in a theater restroom this weekend.

#3. Impossibly Super Florescent Flowers


These sweet flowers were given to Eden this weekend from my mom. Eden LOVES them and the colors are her favorite but wow!
Do these not confuse anyone but me? I would like to visit the field these little gems grow in. I would dress my little ones in tie dye and have a photo session of the century.

#4. Toothpaste Tubes

Ketchup and Toothpaste

I hate toothpaste tubes. The hate I have is real and runs deep. My only question is why?
Why have toothpaste masters not come up with a bottle like the ketchup masters have? Do they not know how much easier this would be?
I 100% believe toothpaste tubes/containers were not created by moms.

And last but not least….

#5. The Knocked up Barbie


There are no words need.

So here it is… the time where you can call me crazy!

But, please don’t and just tell me I am not alone.